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All JT Media Oy magazines come out eight (8) times per year, and you can get a continuous subscription with a very affordable price of 34,90€!

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As a perk for all the subscribers with a continuous subscription of any JT Media Oy magazine, you can also read all the other magazines from a tablet, a smartphone or from a computer.

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FitBODY 3 available in newsstands and App Store on 22.04. Cover url

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JT Media Oy
JT Media Oy, founded in 2012, is a Helsinki based publishing company specializing in publishing sports related magazines. All JT Media Oy magazines are published in both print and digital form, at present the company has five magazines in the agenda.

FitBODY is the magazine for the active woman, who wants to be strong, supple and beautiful and is willing to make an effort. FitBODY has the best personal trainers and coaches giving training and dieting advice, all the information is here, the rest is up to you!.


JT Media Oy

Jouni Virtamo
+358 (0)40 716 24 44

Editor-in-chief / FitBODY
Janina Kokkola

FitBODY office